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The Folklore of a Young Male Friendship Group


Susan Hart (sister of Steve and Peter) wrote her Master's study around key people from the CGS. Submitted in August, 1986.

It will begin this study with a profile of the group. Chapter Two deals with the group's history and evolution, as well as the eight individual members. An understanding of their personal backgrounds, their role within the group, and their interrelationships is necessary to interpret this group's folklore. Chapter Three concerns the group charades, viewed in terms of four elements intrinsic to the study group: identity, the friendship bond, the group interpretation and enactment of masculinity, and the relationship of the group to its social environment. Chapter Four focuses on conversational genres, group humor, and the manner in which mediated culture is transformed to become part of this group's folklore. Chapter Five is a discussion of group gaming, primarily war-gaming and Dungeons and Dragons (a fantasy role-playing game), including a comparison of the latter game with traditional children's role-playing games of Newfoundland. The main themes of this group's folklore are competition and shared bonds, as Chapters Three and Four will show.

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Note that some of the people written about in this paper disagree with the characterization, but I [DPJ] feel it captures the spirt of the times.

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